Divorce and Family Law MEDIATORS

Is Mediation Right For You?



We want mediation to be a successful and satisfying process for every couple. Successful mediation is often dependent on the participants, and it’s important to consider whether or not the process is right for you. Couples will get the most out of mediation if you:

  • Want to keep full control over your decisions and settlement agreement, but want help identifying issues and coming up with solutions from an unbiased, experienced professional. 

  • Are both in agreement about wanting a divorce. If you want a divorce but your spouse doesn’t, consider other options before mediation.

  •  Are both ready to start the divorce process. If you’re thinking about divorce but don’t plan on starting the divorce process for another six months or more, it’s probably not the right time for mediation. 

  • Are both willing to voluntarily attend and actively participate in divorce mediation. If one party wants to mediate but the other does not, you should explore other options.

  • Are both of sound mind and have the capacity to think, reason and understand for him/herself.

  • Are willing to be honest and transparent with each other and the mediator.

  • Have no history of substance abuse

  • Have no history of domestic violence/spousal abuse

We reserve the right to reject clients if it seems mediation is not a viable option.