Divorce and Family Law MEDIATORS

Our Mission


The Mission of Divorce Without Lawyers is to help individuals resolve their divorce and family law matters by informing, educating, and creatively and calmly guiding them to resolution without legal counsel. We strive to treat our clients and each other with dignity, respect and thoughtful consideration by cooperation and communication throughout the process. Our vision is to  better serve the community with alternative dispute and conflict resolution.  

The Process


 We believe that the presence of lawyers automatically brings conflict into the divorce process. Our unique approach to mediation is designed to give you immediate access to a mediator with an extensive background in family and divorce law to help support you and your ex-spouse go through a collaborative settlement process with as little stress as possible. 


 Since our approach is designed to give as much control to the couple as possible, the mediation process may vary. But some steps are standard:

The process begins with a phone call to schedule a FREE initial appointment for both parties to meet with the mediator. 

The mediator will meet with you both in an hour-long session to discuss the process in detail, answer questions, and determine if you are appropriate for the mediation process.* If accepted, an agenda will be developed and a three-hour  mediation session scheduled. 


 The mediation process will continue in three-hour sessions until either an agreement is reached or you come to an impasse. The course of mediation is entirely in your control, which means the time spent in mediation and the success of mediation varies depending on the couple.

It is allowed and even encouraged to consult a lawyer outside of the mediation process. However, lawyers will not be involved in the mediation room.